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If you are looking forward to giving yourself the gift of a gorgeous smile this holiday season, consider enhancing your smile with dental veneers. Our team at Frandsen Dental can customize for you Lumineers®, which are thin, porcelain dental veneers that can turn even the most crooked or stained of smiles into snow-white masterpieces. Our Lumineers can offer the following benefits:

  • A small amount of tooth enamel needs to be removed to place the veneers, but it is an amount often much less than need be removed for the placement of crowns or caps.
  • Veneers are extremely hard and durable, despite their thin design.
  • If properly cared for, veneers can last over a decade.
  • If you have any slight abnormalities in your teeth, such as alignment issues, stains, discolorations, cracks, or broken teeth, veneers may be able to help.
  • Due to the porcelain material we use, they are very difficult to stain. Please speak with our dentist to learn more about which products pose the most risk.
  • Veneers have natural-looking surfaces that can blend with your other teeth. Veneers can be produced and designed to color-match your neighboring teeth.

For a world-class smile, consider talking to our dentists at Frandsen Dental about Lumineers. If you would like to have an oral exam by Dr. Colton Rich, please make an appointment by calling us at 801-224-7900. You can also visit our office in Orem, Utah. The future of your oral health is yours to control, let us help make it great!