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Tooth decay is a serious oral malady where bacteria attack a weakened area of tooth enamel. When it is allowed to progress without professional treatment, it will inevitably spread throughout the tooth. This could lead to a severe fracture or an infection in the root. In time, it could cause the total loss of the tooth.

This can lead to a number of functional and oral health issues. If the remnants of the infected root aren’t extracted at Frandsen Dental, a dangerous infection could form in your gums.

If the tooth’s presence in your mouth isn’t restored, the void could eventually cause orthodontic alignment issues. To prevent this from happening and to restore the function of your mouth, Drs. Rich, Prince, and Dansie might recommend a dental bridge.

This is a single piece of dental work that is a false tooth fused to a pair of crowns on each end. It will eventually be anchored on abutments that are formed from the two nearest teeth.

Drs. Rich, Prince, and Dansie will create the two abutments by removing the enamel layer of each of the anchoring teeth. The dentin sheaths surrounding the healthy pulp and root will later anchor the bridge in place.

A detailed impression will be made of the two abutments and the other related teeth in the area. It will be sent to a dental lab where your new bridge will be made. Temporary crowns will then be cemented over each abutment to protect them while we await the completion of your new bridge.

A member of our Frandsen Dental staff will call you when the bridge is ready to schedule a second appointment. To install the bridge, our dentists will remove the temporary crowns and cement your bridge onto the abutments with a strong dental adhesive.

If you have lost a tooth to untreated tooth decay and you’re interested in a dental bridge in Orem, Utah, you should call 801-224-7900 to seek treatment at Frandsen Dental.