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The truth about cavities is that they can begin to form anytime a tooth has erupted above the gum line. From the moment you are about six months old when your first tooth erupts, bacteria can take hold and create harmful acids that will damage your teeth. To learn more about cavities, here are some frequently asked questions:

Question: How are cavities formed?
– Cavities are caused by the breakdown of tooth enamel on your tooth. If acids eat away at the tooth enamel to the point it gives way, a hole will be formed in the tooth leading directly into the root.

Question: What are the best methods for washing away harmful acids?
– The age-old habits of brushing and flossing are still considered to be some of the best treatments you can use to prevent tooth decay and cavities. After meals, you could also try mouthwash to wash away harmful acids and plaque, or chew sugarless gum, which can increase saliva production for acid neutralization.

Question: What kind of food puts you at the most risk for cavities?
– Foods high in sugar and carbs are the most dangerous to your teeth. This is because sugar is converted into harmful acids by the bacteria you have in your mouth. The acids are strong enough to chew through tooth enamel. Sugary foods that are sticky or hard are the worst offenders as they are often difficult to brush or wash away and can linger on teeth for very long periods of time.

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