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Your front teeth play an important role in the appearance and function of your smile, such as helping you bite off food and enhancing the appearance of your facial expressions. When these teeth develop tooth decay, the cavity is very obvious and harmful. The good news is that our dentists can often use composite dental fillings to repair cavities in front teeth.

A dental cavity causes poor dental function, discomfort, and an unappealing smile, but if it is detected early, we can provide a variety of treatments to remove and repair the cavity. Small cavities especially can be repaired with a composite dental filling. Composite, or tooth-colored, dental fillings use a special dental-grade plastic to match the color of the natural tooth through careful shading from our dentist. The end goal is to make the dental filling indistinguishable from your original smile.

Following the shading and application processes of the filling, our dentist hardens the dental filling with a special ultraviolet light, creating a strong bond with the tooth structure. Your dental filling should last for many years if you brush and floss regularly.

We encourage you to call 801-224-7900 today for an appointment with one of our dentists, Dr. Rich, Dr. Prince, or Dr. Dansie if you have noticed any symptoms of tooth decay. Our team at Frandsen Dental in Orem, Utah, wants to treat your smile quickly to minimize the amount of treatment needed.