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If you are often rushed at lunchtime, your oral health can suffer. We encourage you to take more time to consider how your lunch choices may be affecting your oral and overall health. Our dentist is pleased to provide a few tips on how to make your lunchbreak more beneficial for your teeth.

1. Make smart choices. Choosing sugary and chewy foods can be detrimental to your teeth because they can easily become stuck to the tooth surface. If you have a sweet tooth at lunchtime, some fresh fruit or a small amount of chocolate is better. Eliminate starchy and processed food from your diet because it sticks to your teeth and converts into sugars. Instead, opt for nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

2. What you drink matters. It’s no secret that soft drinks and sports drinks are harmful to your teeth, especially because fruit juices are typically rich in sugar and acid. Instead, drink water or milk. Even chocolate milk contains good amounts of calcium and protein. If you do choose soda, be sure to drink some water after to rinse away sugar and acid in your mouth.

3. Eat foods that brush your teeth. Cheese and yogurt reduce acidity and help protect your smile from the effects of harmful food. Many fruits and vegetables eliminate sugar and starch buildup and clean your teeth while you chew. In particular, apples, pears, cucumbers, celery, and carrots are good for your smile.

Now, you can enjoy lunch and keep your smile healthy! For more information about maintaining a tooth-friendly diet in Orem, Utah, call 801-224-7900 and schedule a visit with Dr. Colton Rich at Frandsen Dental.