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Incorporating mouthwash into your child’s oral care routine is a delicate process, but our dentist and team are happy to offer useful information to benefit and improve your child’s oral health. We offer some general guidelines to help you safely introduce your child to mouthwash so that they can have the best possible oral health.

First, we would like to make a note that mouthwash should not be given to children who are under the age of six, as these children are too young to use mouthwash safely. They could easily swallow the mouthwash and become sick or, if the brand of mouthwash has fluoride among its ingredients, they might suffer overexposure to fluoride and develop fluorosis.

If your child is ages six or older, mouthwash is safe for use but you will still need to supervise them as they rinse to make sure they don’t just swallow the mouthwash. Encouraging your child to use mouthwash every day can be easier if you turn their rinsing routine into a fun game that encourages your child to practice proper oral hygiene even when they are older.

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