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The health of your teeth – and the rest of your mouth, by extension – may depends on the tiny microscopic crystals on the outside of your teeth that we call enamel. Hundreds of dental products are made just to address it, and every time you visit the dentist, you probably hear it mentioned.

But do you know what enamel is? Or why you need to work so hard to keep it? If not, that’s alright. That’s what this post is here for. So sit back and enjoy some learning!

What is enamel?
Enamel is what makes your teeth hard and strong, and it also protects the dentin and pulp within your teeth as well. Dentin and pulp are the living bundle of nerves and blood vessels in your teeth. Without enamel, your teeth wouldn’t be hard enough to perform any of their current functions.

Enamel is also interesting because it’s self-replenishing. However, if you do too much damage to it – like not brushing – enamel can’t be replaced fast enough to stop infection.

Why do I need to protect it?
If you don’t protect your enamel, you might end up with some cavities, and you could end up with gum disease. Protecting your enamel protects the rest of your oral health, and without that it’d be nearly impossible to have healthy teeth at all.

How do I protect it?
The best way to protect your enamel is to follow the advice of Dr. Colton Rich in Orem, Utah, and brush twice daily, while flossing once. Using mouthwash, avoiding soda, and foods high in acid, are all other great things you can do to ensure your enamel stays as healthy as possible.

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