Meet Our Dental Team – Orem, UT

Our Kind, Knowledgeable Staff

From our hardworking dental hygienists and assistants to our friendly front desk staff, there are many individuals at Frandsen Dental of Orem working together to make sure that you have a positive dental experience. If you have any questions or concerns about your care, one of our team members will be glad to help! On this page, you can learn more about our team before you call us for an appointment.


Brittany, Dental Assistant


Orem dental team member Brittany

Originally from Saint Augustine, Brittany went to Practical Dental Assisting of Utah. Her dental background includes general dentistry, hygiene, and orthodontics. She aims to help all of our patients enjoy better lives by providing them with excellent oral care.

Brittany is married and has two wonderful boys. Currently, her hobbies include antique shopping and collecting rocks. She likes to spend a lot of time in the water during the summer. She has an interest in taxidermy and would like to learn how to do it at some point.


Clarisa, Dental Assistant


Dental team member Clarisa

Clarisa is a native of Logan. She has years of chair-side assisting experience, and she is certified in X-rays as well as CPR. She enjoys getting to work at our office because the staff makes every day fun.

Clarisa has an older brother and a younger brother. She spent 10 years doing gymnastics and was even on a national team! Nowadays, she often goes to the gym in her free time, and she loves to relax by reading.


Daniela, Receptionist


Dental team member Daniella

Daniela hails from Costa Mesa. She received her dental training as part of the Coastline Regional Occupational Program. She fully embraces having the chance to assist patients in pursuing the smiles of their dreams!

Daniela’s family includes her mom, her dad, her older sister, her two older brothers, and her two nieces. Outside of the office, she can often be found reading, dancing, and traveling.


Denise, Dental Assistant


Dental team member Denise

Denise is a native of Orem. She has experience in general dentistry, and she has also spent a few months working for an orthodontist. She wants all of our patients to be able to enjoy their smiles instead of being embarrassed by them.

Denise’s parents are from Mexico, and she has three younger brothers. She loves having the chance to try new foods, and she watches all kinds of documentaries. She also likes to have her nails done, go to concerts, and spend time with her loved ones. She is proud to say she has never gotten a speeding ticket or any other sort of ticket!


Maritza, Receptionist


Dental team member Maritza

Maritza is originally from Provo. She greatly enjoys being part of our team as a receptionist, and she always loves having the chance to get to know our patients better.

Maritza has five siblings: one sister and four brothers. She really loves cats, and she often journals and paints in her spare time.


Marlen, Office Manager


Dental team member Marlen

Marlen is from Utah, and she first entered the dental field by earning a Dental Assisting certification at Mountainland Technical College. She eventually discovered that she enjoyed working at the front desk. She has spent a lot of time learning more about the dental industry. She wants to express her appreciation for the team members she gets to work with, and she is fully dedicated to contributing to our goal of improving the oral health of our patients.

Marlen has two younger brothers, and she considers her mom to be her best friend and confidant. She has a goldendoodle named Nala and a sheepadoodle named Cali. A lot of her time outside of our office is spent with her family. She is fluent in both English and Spanish, and she deeply appreciates how her proficiency in two languages has expanded her horizons.


Shire, Dental Hygienist


Dental team member Shire

Shire hails from Highland, and she studied dentistry at Fortis College. She says the best part of her job is the people she works alongside as well as the patients that she meets on a regular basis.

Shire has two older brothers, a younger sister, and a younger brother. She is a very active person who plays a lot of sports and often goes hiking, running, backpacking, and camping. She has run in two marathons!

Charla, Dental Hygienist

Charla is from Spanish Fork, and she has been in the dental field for more than three decades. She has earned a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene. She’s happy that her job gives her the chance to meet a lot of interesting people.

Charla has a husband, and she has three children who are all grown up and married. When she’s not at the office, she likes to read, knit, and go traveling. One interesting fact about her is that she was raised on a farm!

Debbie, Dental Hygienist

Debbie’s hometown is West Jordan. Her dental career spans over 30 years and includes experience in dental hygiene and community health. She is certified in the use of a diode laser. When asked what her favorite part of the job was, she said that it was meeting people and helping them restore their dental health and well-being.

Debbie has two married daughters as well as two granddaughters. She loves life and people, and she spends a lot of time socializing and performing community service. Her hobbies include biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, aerobics, strength training, and gardening.

Gwen, Executive Assistant

Gwen comes from Cebu City. She attended college at the University of San Carlos. She is proud to be able to support our team when it comes to creative stuff.

Gwen is the mother of two daughters. She enjoys cooking, painting, and traveling. Back in college, she participated in track and field, soccer, and flag football. She has a deep love of learning and is always signing up for new courses.

Jessica, Insurance Coordinator

Jessica is proud to call herself a native of Utah. She has been in the dental field for over a decade. She is X-ray certified and has CPR training. She values having the chance to change other lives for the better one smile at a time.

Jessica has a daughter and is the owner of a golden retriever. She is very passionate when it comes to traveling and trying new foods around the world. She cares about staying active and often works out at the gym. She also often likes to go RZR riding. One fun fact about her is that she actually runs her own business doing eyelash extensions!