Replace Missing Teeth – Orem, UT

A Solution for Gaps in Your Grin

Senior dental patient admiring her smile in mirror after replacing missing teeth in Orem

There are many reasons why you may end up with an incomplete set of teeth, such as a loss of bone in the jaw or physical trauma involving the face. It’s best for your smile to have any missing teeth replaced as soon as possible, but what’s the best way to do so? Our team at Frandsen Dental of Orem can help answer this question for you; after taking a close look at your mouth, we can determine whether you’re a candidate for a denture, a dental bridge, or dental implants. Call us today to get started with the process of rebuilding your grin by replacing missing teeth in Orem.

Why Choose Frandsen Dental of Orem for Replacing Missing Teeth?

  • State-of-the-Art Cone Beam Scanner
  • Reliable Dentist and Team
  • Flexible Financing Options Available

Dental Bridges

Ceramist creating a dental bridge in a model of the mouth

Dental bridges have withstood the test of time as a method for replacing one or more consecutive missing teeth. The bridge rests on two of your remaining natural teeth and fills in the empty space between them. The bridge will be made out of materials that can withstand the forces of biting and chewing, but it will also be designed to mimic the appearance of your natural teeth as closely as possible. A well-made bridge can last for around 10 years or more.


Hand holding a glass of water with a set of full dentures soaking inside of it

If you have lost teeth in different parts of your mouth or are missing an entire arch of teeth in one or both jaws, now may be the time to ask your dentist for a denture. Partial dentures that fit into the gaps in your smile are held in place with the help of metal clasps; meanwhile, full dentures that replace all of your teeth sit directly on your gums and are able to stay in place with the help of natural suction.

Dental Implants

Illustrated dental implant with dental crown being placed into the lower jaw

Crowns, bridges, and dentures can all be attached to sturdy, long-lasting dental implant posts. The primary advantage of this approach is that your new teeth will be supported by artificial roots that enhance their chewing power while also working to prevent bone loss in the jaw. Not only are dental implants versatile enough to replace any number of teeth, but they can also last for decades as long as they receive proper care.

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